Wine & Entertainment

Make your next get together a class act.

Make sure you're prepared for those unexpected guests or that romantic night alone with that special someone, with everything you need to entertain in style - from Fulford's.

We carry a complete selection of wine and entertainment accessories, from bottle openers, pourers and stops, to air pumps, muddlers and decanters. We also have the hottest new device as shown in this photo - to aerate the wine as it is poured..

You will also find a nice selection of wine and spirit stemware on display in our store next to everything you need for that perfect martini or margarita.

For the rest of your entertaining pleasure, we carry a complete selection of fondues, raclettes, serving pieces and other gadgets to help you look good while having a good time.

Below are some of the Wine and Entertainment suppliers we deal with:
Art Glass Design Serving Platters, Bormili Rocco Italian Stemware, Danesco, Metrokane,
Peugeot, Resistech Crystal, Screwpull, and more...
Swissmar, Trudeau, Vacu-Vin,

Click on any link above to go to that company's web site.

(Note: The aerator in the picture is from Trudeau)
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Resistech Crystal

Resistech Crystal

Resistech Stemware: [ SHOP NOW ] Resistech is an innovative process that combines a new composition of lead-free crystal glass with advanced finishing technology. Engineered to create a glass with improved resistance to chipping, Resistech will retain its superior brilliance and ...

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