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How eco-responsible products help you reduce your environmental footprint:

Eco-responsible products:

Of all the different kinds of impact generated during a product’s life cycle, some are more serious than others.

The serious ones are called “hot spots” or key environmental issues in the product’s life cycle. For example, with most electrical products, the use of energy resources during the use stage is a hot spot. An eco-responsible product must have, at a minimum, features that reduce the impact of key environmental problems. The life cycle approach helps identify these hot spots for each product category.

Besides being subject to a strict validation of environment features and the life cycle approach, eco-responsible products are usually certified by recognized ecolabels.

Recognized ecolabels provide the assurance that certified products offer better environmental performance in terms of key environment issues related to their life cycle. Ecolabels are generally awarded by independent third parties that conduct strict verifications of environmental claims. For all these reasons, RONA supports and encourages the use of recognized ecolabels in Canada.

RONA ECO products:

Products in the RONA ECO line offer environmental performance at least equal to if not superior to the eco-responsible products. These products have been evaluated and selected using a simplified life cycle assessment.

The unique angle of life cycle assessment is that rather than measure the ecological impact of a product, it measures the means of fulfilling a need. Consumers all have different needs to fulfil. The need may be to maintain a particular temperature in the home, fit up an outdoor space, manage household waste, etc.

Most of the time, consumers have to use products to fill these needs (like insulation, fences, composters, etc.). The life cycle assessment method is used in the selection process to determine which product best fulfils these needs (from an environmental perspective).

The RONA ECO line was developed with this in mind, and a RONA ECO product is always the most environmentally respectful way of fulfilling your need. Of course, the RONA ECO product selection process considers the product’s entire life cycle, as well as all of the environmental issues outlined above.

Practically speaking, this means that in terms of its entire life cycle, a RONA ECO product generates fewer greenhouse gases, causes less of an impact on water, human health and ecosystems, and consumes fewer non-renewable resources than an equivalent conventional product.

Like our eco-responsible products, RONA ECO products also meet the strictest requirements in terms of existing standards and ecolabels.

The RONA ECO line has to pass through this entire stringent procedure, proving it is the most ecological and environmentally respectful choice across its entire life cycle.

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