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Policy on Plastic Shopping Bags:

An important component of our sustainable development approach

RONA is committed to becoming the leader in sustainable development in our industry in Canada. At RONA, we have decided on a holistic approach to sustainable development, mainly through life cycle analysis, a rigorous scientific method that assesses the environmental impact of a product, service or process from cradle to grave. This approach aims at avoiding the transfer of negative environmental impacts from one phase of the life cycle to another.

RONA strongly believes in conserving the environment so that future generations may continue to enjoy its benefits. We recognize that through the products we sell or make available to our customers, as well as those we use within our business, we have a significant role to play in assuring the sustainability of our natural resources and in reducing our environmental footprint.

In addition to respecting both the spirit and the letter of the laws and regulations in the various jurisdictions where we do business, RONA wants to encourage customers to adopt responsible practices regarding the choice and use of the products we sell in our stores. As such, we dedicate significant resources to producing and disseminating information that can assist customers in making the right choices. In connection with this approach, RONA is adopting a new policy on the use of plastic shopping bags.

The scope of the policy

This policy applies to plastic shopping bags used at checkouts in RONA network stores across Canada and includes all company banners.


RONA intends to reduce the use of plastic shopping bags in its network of stores and to encourage customers to adopt responsible alternatives. This policy aims to decrease the number of plastic bags sent to landfill sites to diminish the environmental footprint from plastic shopping bags as well as easing pressure on non-renewable resources.

In 2008, RONA provided some 30 million plastic shopping bags through its stores. The objective is a 70% reduction in this number by the end of 2011.

To bring this policy into effect, RONA will:
  1. Provide customers with alternatives to plastic shopping bags: reusable bags and stickers to be applied to sold items.
  2. Charge 5 cents for each plastic shopping bag requested by a customer, to help limit their use.
  3. Reduce the number of types of plastic shopping bags available. Six different formats are generally offered in our stores. The aim is to reduce this to one by the end of 2009.
  4. Provide plastic bags made from recycled and recyclable materials.
  5. Train checkout employees on eco-responsible practices with regard to plastic shopping bags.
  6. Use money raised through the sale of plastic bags to support initiatives encouraging respect for the environment and customer awareness of eco-responsible behaviours they can adopt. RONA will call on recognized environmental organizations to assist in the choice or start-up of such projects. Initiatives may take place across Canada. Projects will be reported to the public at least once a year in the company’s annual reporting of sustainable development activities.

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