Personal Climate Control

Portable Heating & Cooling

The first cooling and heating
2 in 1 smart device for neck.

The G2T-N1 uses passive cooling and heating technology to gently cool or heat the body by closely contacting the bodies largest arteries and veins in the neck thereby increasing your own bodies ability to heat or cool itself.



Get outside and experience everything Canada has to offer and stay comfortable while doing it. You can go biking, take the bus or fly on a plane with the G2T.

Save energy, care for the earth

No need to rely on furnaces and air conditioners to heat or cool an entire room. Uses only 6 kWh per year compared to 2352 kWh per year for standard Air Conditioning of a 33 sq.m. room.


Individual temperature control provides climate control to your entire body. Comfortable, Lightweight and Stylish. The G2T is a true innovation in personalized temperature control that you can take with you anywhere. Enjoy the benefits of summer cooling, winter warming as well as enhanced comfort for everyday indoor/outdoor living all year round.

Perfect for active lifestyles at any age. Dual Climate Control - Enjoy the convenience of 2 in 1 Warming or Cooling at the flick of a switch.


  • Easy to Use - Simply plug in the G2T device into any standard USB power source OR use included portable power bank for up to 5.5 hours of mobile use.
  • Ergonomic Design - Lightweight, portable and comes in 2 adjustable sizes to fit comfortably on your neck. Won’t irritate your skin and comes with changeable covers that can be washed.
  • Energy Efficient - No need to turn on your air conditioning or furnace, enjoy saving money on your energy bill as you don’t have to heat or cool an entire room. Uses only 12 kWh per year. Calculate your energy savings!

Warming: helps eliminate fatigue, promotes blood circulation and boosts your immunity.

Cooling: helps reduce the risk of heat stroke, relieves fever & hot flash discomfort as well as improves rest, relaxation and sleep.

Take your personal climate control with you...

  • warm up or cool down when utilities are not available
  • charge off any usb charge (Wall outlet, BioLite Camp Stove, Solar Panel)
  • warm up on cold fall & winter days.
  • extend outdoor living and sports activities.
  • enjoy nature walks or biking on trails.
  • traveling to exotic places.