WEBERT: Italian "style" from 1975.

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The history of Webert revolves around passion. Primarily the passion that we at Webert put into creating lines that embody elegance while providing scope for young, modern and emerging designs. From this passion for our creations comes total respect for the people who choose our products. They demand refinement, reliability, functionality and value for money. These have been our guiding values since 1975. These values have transformed Webert into a hallmark for innovation, quality and precision in the world of Italian bathroom fittings. And you can still find all these admirable qualities today in our new range of products presented here.

Fulfords is the regions Authourized Webert dealer. We carry an extensive range of Webert Kitchen faucets on display in our showroom, and are your source for Webert bathroom faucets special ordered directly from Italy

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(Note: The faucet in the picture is from the 360 Degree series)