PALAZZANI: Italian style & innovation at their best.

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PierDeco has selected Palazzani to highlight the excellence of its own product range. Since 1960, the Italian manufacturer, Palazzani has specialized in faucets, constantly seeking out new technology and innovations to offer its customers the best products on the market, bar none.

Palazzani faucets will satisfy both your needs and your desires, with a range of faucets to choose from: opt for a designer look or select a more classic or contemporary style. Whatever you’re looking for, you’re bound to find something that meets your requirements! Traditional faucets, mixer faucets, electronic faucets and even shower mixers will add the perfect finishing touch to your bathroom.

Palazzani faucets also provide a complete range that includes all the accessories you need to coordinate your interior design! With a choice of finishes and colors (including green, yellow, red, and chrome) you can add an uplifting, modern touch to your bathroom or kitchen ranges.

Made using innovative processes to guarantee optimal performance and long life, Palazzini faucets, made from high quality brass, benefit from a surface treatment that’s just 2 to 4 microns thick.
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