Lumber and Building Material
Association of Ontario:

The Lumber and Building Materials Association of Ontario, Inc., established in 1917, is a non-profit association comprised of Ontario retailers of lumber, building materials and hardware as well as suppliers who are manufacturers, distributors, buying groups, wholesalers or service firms selling products or providing services to the retail lumber, building materials and hardware trade.


The mandate of the LBMAO is to promote the general welfare of its members who are engaged in the retail lumber, building materials and hardware trade.

In the course of carrying out this mandate, the association provides various forums for identifying and discussing problems, ideas and concepts of interest with a view towards arriving at mutually beneficial conclusions.

Values Statement

  • LBMAO plays a significant role in the health of the industry it represents and is committed to expanding that role.
  • To achieve this enhanced position, LBMAO is further committed to providing programs, services and other benefits that will assist its members to grow professionally and profitably.
  • LBMAO will strive continually to be regarded as one of Ontario's pre-eminent associations.

Vision Statement

LBMAO members are dedicated to mutual assistance; to a consensual approach to decision making; and to high standards of professionalism and ethics, both business and personal. LBMAO has an important role to play as a partner of its members for the betterment of the industry.

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